Thanks for visiting my website! I have been playing music in a variety of capacities since 1997. I have been writing songs for over 20 years. I love sharing stories and memories through song. I have had the honor of being a part of Northeast Georgia based bands and have played some great shows in some great venues. Check out The above video of "Georgia Don't Know" shot by my friends at Studio Blue in Cleveland, G.A


"Right from the beginning, you would think this was a new album from Elvis Costello as Gerren Fish's voice reflects the same tone as Costello's. The Atlanta native is finally releasing his solo debut album entitled "Can't Always Recover". The album carries a very laid back feeling as displayed in the title song "Can't Always Recover" and "Georgia Don't Know", but it works. The album won't blow you away, but again that's not the point. Songs like "Hazard Lights" and "Sarasota" just give you enough to want to keep attentive to Gerren's lyrics." - Jim Pasinski (In Connecticut)  JPs Music Blog



“With too many songs, the lyrics seem more like filler or an afterthought than something artful and meaningful. Not so with Gerren Fish’s tunes. Gerren’s songs offer us something to ponder. And his music has a deeply human quality – I am intrigued by how Gerren’s music is immersed in particularity, particular people and particular places. " – Winn Collier (author)


"Cornelia, GA is home to Gerren Fish, and we don’t hold that against him, in all actuality, it’s added a much-loved Folk-Rock aspect to his tunes. " -The Nick (Venue) Birmingham, AL


"We liked GEORGIA DON'T KNOW very much.  It is a very strong song, simple but powerful.  It is also unique and well-written.  We feel a lot of people could relate to this song." -Diamond Garden Music